About us

Kleventa B.V. is a technical wholesaler for installation companies in the field of climate control in the agricultural sector and in housing, industry and non-residential construction. We give you advice, supply the necessary materials and offer you technical support. With we offer you everything in the field of air conditioning and heat pumps. In addition, Kleventa-Solar is very active in the worldwide import and export of solar energy related products.

Because of our experience - we were founded in 1986 - we have the necessary expertise to be of service to you in extremely complex situations. Our knowledge of renewable energy enables you to live, work and study in pleasant climate conditions, without placing an excessive burden on the environment.

Our core points:
  • We think in terms of solutions and are happy to give you expert advice.
  • We have our own R&D department.
  • Some of our innovative products are manufactured in-house.
  • Sustainability and quality are very importance to us.
  • Our service department helps installers in the event of malfunctions.
  • We are a reliable partner in finding climate solutions.  
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